Screen Making Products


High quality screen making products for your needs 

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Photopolymer Emulsions


A full range of emulsions to meet your printing requirements. 

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Our squeegees offer both exceptional abrasion and chemical resistance to solvents. 

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Photopolymer Plates


A versatile and established plate for all substrates for label printing 

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Plate Mounting Tape


Double-sided plate mounting tape for letterpress and flexographic printing. 

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Silicone Drum Tape


A replaceable silicone drum tape for rotary printing machines 

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Pantone® Guide


Formula guides with Coated, Uncoated and TPX/TPG for your selections. 

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PET Films


PET films for heat transfers applications.

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PERFECTOS® provides auxiliaries items for screen printing and flexographic/letterpress printing.

Screen printing

  • Photopolymer emulsions
  • Squeegees
  • Screen making products

Flexographic or letterpress printing

  • Silicon Drum Tape
  • Plate Mounting Tape
  • Photopolymer plates

Other Sundries

  • Coated PET films
  • Pantone Guide

Screen Making Products



A red screen mesh adhesive for mesh mounting (99-SM-MSGLUE and 99-SM-MSGLUE catalyst)

Step 1: Mesh Preparation – roughen new mesh (99-SM-MP)

Step 2: Mesh Degreaser – clean and ensure emulsion can adhere (99-SM-MD)

Step 3: Emulsions coating

Dual Cure photopolymer emulsion – resistant to solvent-based, water-based, UV curing, water-based UV and plastisol inks (99-SM-DCEMUL)

For high build stencils – resistant to solvent-based, UV curing and plastisol inks (99-SM-HDEMUL)

For durable stencils – resistant to water-based and plastisol inks (99-SM-WBEMUL)

Step 4: Screen Hardening Chemical – for long print run – maximise emulsion resistance (99-SM-SH)

Step 5: Screen Reclamation – break down and remove the emulsion (99-10-ESP Emulsion Stripper Powder)

Step 6: Stain Removal – remove any ink and diazo staining after reclamation (99-SM-SR)

Step 7: General Cleaner – enhanced stain removal process (99-10-S40)

Photopolymer Emulsions


99-SM-DCEMUL (Dual Cure Photopolymer Emulsion)

Resistant to Solvent-based, Water-based, UV Curing, Water-based UV and Plastisol inks

99-SM-WBEMUL (For high quality, durable stencils for heat transfer applications)

Resistant to Water-based and Plastisol inks

99-SM-HDEMUL (For high build stencils)

Resistant to Solvent-based, UV Curing and Plastisol inks



Two types of polyurethane squeegees (high resistance and value squeegees line) are capable of exceptional abrasion and chemical resistance to aggressive solvent or oils. Mono layer and triple layer are included. Triple layer is combining benefits of low hardness PU (flexibility) and high hardness PU (tear and abrasion resistant).

Compliant with RoHS and REACH specifications.

Photopolymer Plates


Versatile and established plate for all substrates

  • Established all around plate for standard applications in label printing and corrugated preprint
  • Suitable for all absorbent and non-absorent substrates commonly used today
  • For printing of basic screens, solids and line work

Economic & robust

  • Easy handling and robust in processing
  • Process reliability due to colour change during main exposure
  • Wide exposure latitude combined with short main exposure times
  • Economic due to long lifetime and durability
  • Resistant to ozone
  • High resistance to solvent based inks
  • Also suitable for use with water based inks

Main technical data

Base material: Polyester film

Colour of raw plate: red

Total thickness/mm: 1.70

Processing parameters

Back exposure: 5-25 seconds

Main exposure: 8-15 minutes

Drying time: 60°C x 2 hours

Post exposure UV-A: 10 mins

Light finishing UV-C: 10-15 mins

Plate Mounting Tape



A double-sided plate mounting tape for letterpress and flexographic printing with filmic carrier and rubber adhesive.

A carrier of green-transparent PVC film with total thickness 0.90mm and a transparent of PVC film with total thickness 0.81mm are available for your selections.

Silicone Drum Tape


 A non slip, non shrinkage, chemical resistance adhesive tape which can be used on the main print drum of Letterflex / Flexo printing machines to ensure the printed material does not move whilst printing giving perfect print registration.

Product Code: SDT-155-12 for 12m roll or SDT-155-24 for 24m roll.

Product Code: SDT-160-12 for 12m roll or SDT-160-24 for 24m roll.

Colour: Grey


Thickness: 0.42 (+/-0.02) mm

Width: 155mm or 160mm

Length: 12m or 24m

Net weight: approx. 1.4kg (12m), 2.5kg (24m)

Pantone® Guide


We offer 3 pantone formula guides for our customers to purchase.

  • Solid Coated
  • Solid Uncoated
  • Pantone Fashion Home + Interiors (textile paper edition)

Pantone® is the property of Pantone, Inc.

PET Films


PET films for heat transfer applications to be selected by printing metholodogies.