Digital Solutions

Digital (PFL)

One stop concept for direct printing fabric labels.

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Digital Turn Key Solution

A solution for low cost with high definition print jobs. 

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Digital solution from PERFECTOS® involves 2 printing methodologies, direct printing to substrates through digital printer and digital turn key solution.

FABRIFAST® Digital 66-DIG is a state-of-the-art printing methodology and all-in-one solution for direct printing on a ribbon by a dedicated digital printer to produce fabric labels.

Digital turn key solution is a heat transfer application to be generated from digital printing equipment on a pre-coated PET film and transfer to garment by screen printing backing with water based ink and adhesives. This innovative low-cost solution for transfer printing requires high definition and large amount of colours and allows for small scales production run or sampling stage.

Heat Transfer Labels made by using transfer papers & films printed with PERFECTOS® ink series give excellent performance, durability, wash resistance and high stretch properties after transferring images on a wide range of fabrics.

PERFECTOS® earns an ECO-PASSPORT by OEKO-TEX® certification. A textile or textile accessories produced with PERFECTOS® inks are able to meet OEKO-TEX® Standard 100 class 1 to 4.

Digital (PFL)

FABRIFAST® Digital 66-DIG-

A new generation of digital printing system that is dedicated for global garment care and washing label production by one stop printing concept.

Under the demanding short production runs nowadays, 66-DIG provides an alternative option in addition to traditional printing methodologies. It simplifies the manufacturing progress as well as support to handle variable information with small amount deployment among multiple orders.

66-DIG is working with 4 inkjet print heads for the first-generation model – CYMK, operating with standardised colour management in order to optimise the best colour result on capable substrates.

Suitable substrates: Satin, nylon (coated fabric) and plain weave cotton

Printing concept and features:

  • Roll form printing
  • Material width up to 50mm
  • High speed up to 30 meters per minute
  • Single sided print job
  • DPI is 600 x 600
  • Software capable of selecting colour in the Swatches panel
  • 220v model
  • Fully curable with dedicated ink system by usage of the UV LED curing lamp. (life time – 2 years)
  • RIP (Raster Image Processor) license included per machine

Digital Solutions

Digital Turn Key Solution

ECOTRANS® Digital Heat Transfer Label System

The ECOTRANS® Digital heat transfer label system is a Turn Key solution that allows for highly washfast and high stretch transfers to be generated from HP®Indigo Digital printing equipment. With complete solution systems based on pre-coated PET films; water-based inks and adhesives system in either a printable format or powder format, the ECOTRANS® system is at the cutting edge of Heat Transfer applications as can achieve photographic effect; multiple colour transfers with a minimum of only 1 screen required for white backer and powder. This low process production method can generate low volume and low cost transfers by saving screen making costs. It also generates some of the highest wash fastness for photographic effect images with typically 50°C x 50 times washable systems (AATCC/ISO Wash Testing). 

Key Components

  1. ECOTRANS® Water based inks series
  2. PERFECTOS® pre-coated Digital PET film
  3. HP® Indigo Digital printing equipment
  4. PERFECTOS® Screen Making Products

HP® is a registered trademark of HP Development Company L.P.


Produce the backing layer with this water based inks HIGH STRETCH version which used as a 2-pack ink system offering for transfers applications.


Produce the backing layer with this 2-pack water based inks – slow drying EXTRA STRETCH version for transfers applications.

Digital Solutions