Heat Transfer Labels (HTL)

Screen (HTL)

A full range of heat transfer inks for your selections. 

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Lithographic (HTL)

Lithographic inks for HTL allows fast production run. 

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Digital Turn Key Solution

A solution for low cost with high definition print jobs. 

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Screen Printable Adhesives

A full range of screen printable adhesives to suit your production.

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Heat Transfer Technology used in the apparel industry is the process of transferring images, which the design is first printed onto a flexible non-textile substrates, by a heat press process to a textile.

The process is fast, profitable, clean and environmentally safe. It provides “tagless” branding  solution which is very popular in the lightweight, intimates and sportwear sectors of the garment industry. Today heat transfer printing is as an alternative for printing fabric in an agile manufacturing environment. It is also a perfect medium for the demands of today’s marketplace – short run and sample production.

Heat Transfer Labels (HTL) made by using transfer papers & films printed with PERFECTOS® inks give excellent performance, durability, wash & dry clean resistance and high stretch properties after transferring images on a wide range of fabrics.

PERFECTOS® earns an ECO-PASSPORT by OEKO-TEX® certification. A textile or textile accessories produced with PERFECTOS® inks are able to meet OEKO-TEX® Standard 100 class 1 to 4.

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Hot Melt Powders

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PET films

 PET films for heat transfers applications.

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Photopolymer Emulsions

A full range of emulsions to meet your printing requirements. 

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Screen Making Products

High quality screen making products for your needs 

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Screen (HTL)

Heat Transfer Labels

Heat Transfer Labels (HTL) produced with the Heat Transfer inks series give excellent performance, durability, wash & resistance properties after transferring images on a wide range of fabrics. However, this is dependent on the substrates whether the recommended curing conditions have been achieved and on the adhesive used.


A HIGH STRETCH version of water based inks which used as a 2-pack ink system offering single and multi-colours transfers for sportswear and casual wear.


A 2-pack water based inks - slow drying EXTRA STRETCH version for printing fine details with unrivalled screen stability through mesh counts up to 120 monofilament - only single colour transfer for tagless care labels.


A 2-pack water based inks - faster drying HIGH STRETCH version designed for use with Rotary Wicket Dryer.


A 2-pack silicone heat transfer inks which are a range of highly washable, high stretch, heat resistant inks that are designed for special high impact decoration for garments and footwear. The unique non-evaporating curing process allows to generate high density transfers by printing with a strong, highly-elastic film weight.


A low odour eco-solvent based transfer inks which used as a 2-pack ink system. These inks are manufactured to comply with the requirements of OEKO-TEX® Standard 100 Class 1.


Arange of maximum opacity, PVC and Phthlates free plastisol inks for heat transfer process designed for the application on most natural and synthetic fabrics.

Lithographic (HTL)


LITHOTRANS® heat transfer inks can be used as supplied straight from the tin and have been formulated to quickly achieve and maintain excellent water balance on offset litho printing machines. They are suitable for use on presses with integrated damping systems.


A fast-drying vegetable oil based single pack ink system suitable for producing durable printed transfers when used on offset lithographic printing machines. A super high definition transfer that generates photographic quality transfers by co-use of white backer by screen printing ECOTRANS® ATHLETIC 82-08-HS- water based high stretch ink with hot melt powders or printable adhesives.


A sublimation offset inks for heat transfer applications. Providing 4 colour process inks with fast drying properties on carriers for offset printing are capable of reducing printing cost, obtaining high definition printing on synthetic fabrics with achieving very brilliant colour, high washfastness whilst maintaining the soft fabric feel from the garment.

Digital Turn Key Solution

ECOTRANS® Digital Heat Transfer Label System

The ECOTRANS® Digital heat transfer label system is a Turn Key solution that allows for highly washfast and high stretch transfers to be generated from HP®Indigo Digital printing equipment. With complete solution systems based on pre-coated PET films; water-based inks and adhesives system in either a printable format or powder format, the ECOTRANS® system is at the cutting edge of Heat Transfer applications as can achieve photographic effect; multiple colour transfers with a minimum of only 1 screen required for white backer and powder. This low process production method can generate low volume and low cost transfers by saving screen making costs. It also generates some of the highest wash fastness for photographic effect images with typically 50°C x 50 times washable systems (AATCC/ISO Wash Testing). 

Key Components


  1. ECOTRANS® Water based inks series
  2. PERFECTOS® pre-coated Digital PET film
  3. HP® Indigo Digital printing equipment
  4. PERFECTOS® Screen Making Products

HP® is a registered trademark of HP Development Company L.P.


Produce the backing layer with this water based inks HIGH STRETCH version which used as a 2-pack ink system offering for transfers applications.


Produce the backing layer with this 2-pack water based inks – slow drying EXTRA STRETCH version for transfers applications.


Screen Printable Adhesives

High Stretch Sportswear

Polyurethane (PU) screen printable adhesives available with wash resistance up to 60°C.

Polycotton / Polyester / Synthetics

Polyester (PE) screen printable adhesives available with wash resistance up to 60°C. 


Polyamide (PA) screen printable adhesives available with wash resistance up to 90°C.

Industrial Workwear

Polyamide (PA) screen printable adhesives available with wash resistance up to 95°C.

Screen Printable Adhesives Data

Hot Melt Powders


 Options for PA (polyamide); PE (polyester) or PU (polyurethane) powders .

The following tables are shown a powder adhesive chart for your production selection.


Hot Melt Powders Data

PET films

The following table is shown PET films for heat transfer applications to be selected by printing metholodogies.



Photopolymer emulsions

99-SM-DCEMUL (Dual Cure Photopolymer Emulsion)

Resistant to Solvent-based, Water-based, UV Curing, Water-based UV and Plastisol inks

99-SM-WBEMUL (For high quality, durable stencils for heat transfer applications)

Resistant to Water-based and Plastisol inks 

99-SM-HDEMUL (For high build stencils)

Resistant to Solvent-based, UV Curing and Plastisol inks 


Screen Making Products

Screen Preparation

A red screen mesh adhesive for mesh mounting (99-SM-MSGLUE and 99-SM-MSGLUE catalyst)

Mesh Preparation

Mesh Preparation – roughen new mesh (99-SM-MP)

Mesh Degreaser

Mesh Degreaser – clean and ensure emulsion can adhere (99-SM-MD)

Emulsions Coating

Dual Cure photopolymer emulsion – resistant to solvent-based, water-based, UV curing, water-based UV and plastisol inks (99-SM-DCEMUL)

For high build stencils – resistant to solvent-based, UV curing and plastisol inks (99-SM-HDEMUL)

For durable stencils – resistant to water-based and plastisol inks (99-SM-WBEMUL)

Screen Hardening Chemical – for long print run – maximise emulsion resistance (99-SM-SH)

Screen Reclamation & Stain Removal

Screen Reclamation – break down and remove the emulsion (99-10-ESP Emulsion Stripper Powder) 

Stain Removal – remove any ink and diazo staining after reclamation (99-SM-SR)

General Cleaner

General Cleaner – enhanced stain removal process (99-10-S40)