Printed Fabric Labels (PFL)

Flexographic / Letterflex Inks (PFL)


Ready-to-use and 2-pack ink system designed for flexo and letterflex printing. 

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Rotary (PFL)


Rotary presses – offset printing for high quality printing process and for non-fabric substrates. 

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Screen (PFL)


A super opaque yet soft and highly washfast inks for screen printed fabric labels (PFL). 

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Digital (PFL)


 One stop concept for direct printing fabric labels. 

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Fabric Care and Content labels, also known as washing tags, are necessary to consumers to understand some important information for clothing, fabric or garment product line. Such as washing instructions, size, the country where the garment was made, and the type of material the clothes are made from.

Printed Fabic Labels (PFL) printed with PERFECTOS® ink series give excellent adhesion and flexibility, durability, wash resistance up to 90°C, dry clean resistance and high stretch properties on a wide range of suitable fabrics.

PERFECTOS® earns an ECO-PASSPORT by OEKO-TEX® certification. A textile or textile accessories produced with PERFECTOS® inks are able to meet OEKO-TEX® Standard 100 class 1 to 4.

Suitable printing substrates: Polyester Satin, Polyester Taffeta, Acetate Satin, Coated Nylon Taffeta (PU & Acrylic), 100% Cotton, Polycotton (50% Cotton 50% Polyester), Organza, Polyurethane and some reflective materials and synthetic fabrics.

Flexographic / Letterflex inks



FABRIFAST® series are the world’s leading garment labelling ink with 50 years experience for highly washfast, vibrant and chemically compliant products designed for use on flexographic or letter press machinery. The eco-solvent based pigmented ink systems are low odour and free of volatile organic compounds (no VOCs) that eliminating to have environment pollution and risks on human health. Labels produced with FABRIFAST® series gives highly durable care and fabric labels (with using catalyst). A high opacity range combined with fluorescent and metallic shades allows the printer for highly accurate PANTONE® shades to be achieved. PERFECTOS® earns an ECO-PASSPORT by OEKO-TEX® certification. A textile or textile accessories produced with PERFECTOS® inks are able to meet OEKO-TEX® Standard 100 class 1 to 4.


A ready to use single pack or enhanced resistances of 2-pack ink system to print onto a wide range of fabrics to produce printed fabric labels, care and content labels.


A fast drying version, single or 2-pack ink system, to achieve the faster production speed required for double-sided fabric printing where the smaller ribbon track is used.


For coated film substrates – polyurethane and others films, single or 2-pack ink system.


A water based single or 2-pack ink system for using with water as a medium to washout and reduce ink viscosity

Rotary (PFL)




Offset printing, one of the main types of rotary presses, is also called lithography. Offset has a reputation as a high-quality printing process.

PERFECTOS® Lithographic inks are a single or 2 pack ink system to produce durable printed labels onto a wide range of substrates when used on offset type machinery.


A vegetable oil based single pack or 2 pack ink systems suitable for uses on offset type machinery to produce durable printed labels. The ink also gives excellent results on other non-fabric substrates such as swing-tickets, etc. The inks are manufactured to comply with the requirements of OEKO-TEX® Standard 100 Class 1. 

DRISET™ 11-06-

A low odour eco-solvent based single pack or 2-pack ink system specially formulated to have exceptionally good press stability and freedom from skinning on the machine. 

Screen (PFL)



PERFECTOS® screen printing inks – single or 2-pack ink system are a range of super opaque yet soft and highly washfast inks designed for screen printed fabric labels. With increasing use of cotton as a base fabric and the requirement for ultra-opaque labels to replace woven labels. Screen Printed Labels have become a popular alternative. 


A low odour single pack ink system and a slow drying inks for printing on a wide range of suitable dark coloured substrates.The inks are manufactured to comply with the requirements of OEKO-TEX® Standard 100 Class 1.


A 2-pack ink system suitable for giving excellent resistance properties on a wide range of suitable fabrics including dark coloured substrates.


A 2-pack ink system, an enhanced opacity for colour inks. Mixing range of 85-OP colour inks is more opaque than that of 85-01.


A 2-pack silicone inks suitable for textile screen printing. The ink layer has excellent adhesion onto a wide range of fabrics and will not be delaminated. The silicone inks will allow easy and highly effective printed images with the text achieving a three-dimensional feel look, flexibility and good fastness. Combining the ink with high density stencil screen will then allow for significant high density production to be achieved with the minimum number of print strokes.

Digital (PFL)


FABRIFAST® Digital 66-DIG-

A new generation of digital printing system that is dedicated for global garment care and washing label production by one stop printing concept.

Under the demanding short production runs nowadays, FABRIFAST® Digital 66-DIG- provides an alternative option in addition to traditional printing methodologies. It simplifies the manufacturing progress as well as support to handle variable information with small amount deployment among multiple orders.

FABRIFAST® Digital 66-DIG- is working with 4 inkjet print heads for the first-generation model – CYMK, operating with standardised colour management in order to optimise the best colour result on capable substrates.

Suitable substrates: Satin, nylon (coated fabric) and plain weave cotton

Printing concept and features:

  • Roll form printing
  • Material width up to 50mm
  • High speed up to 30 meters per minute
  • Single sided print job
  • DPI is 600 x 600
  • Software capable of selecting colour in the Swatches panel
  • 220V model
  • Fully curable with dedicated ink system by usage of the UV LED curing lamp. (life time – 2 years)
  • RIP (Raster Image Processor) license included per machine